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Your First Visit

At your first visit, we ask that you bring a completed Health History Form. If you have a Panoramic X-ray taken in the past 6 months, please bring that as well. You can access and complete our Patient Information Forms here at our website.

When you visit our office for your initial examination, we will collect some digital photographs of the face and teeth. You will then be seated in a consultation room, where Dr. Hughes will meet with you. He will perform a thorough orthodontic examination of your teeth, bite and oral tissues. Dr. Hughes will use the digital photos in discussing his findings and addressing any specific concerns you may have. Our patients and/or their parents are encouraged to ask questions at this time.

If treatment is recommended, Dr. Hughes will collect additional diagnostic information on you or your child to aid in the diagnosis of the case. During this initial visit, there is usually adequate time to obtain these diagnostic records. The records typically include X-rays and impressions for diagnostic models

Before you leave the office, we will schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Hughes, either by phone or in the office, to address his specific findings, recommendations, time frame for treatment, and any other specifics of the treatment plan. After speaking with Dr. Hughes, the patient and/or parent may speak with the front office staff to schedule an appointment to begin treatment, to discuss treatment fees, payment options, office procedure for appointments, and any other related matters.

Patients who are not ready for treatment will be placed on a recall plan to monitor their growth and development. We will then send out a postcard at the appropriate time to schedule a follow-up visit.

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