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Orthodontic Parts and Pieces

  • Appliances

    Anything the orthodontist attaches to your teeth to move your teeth or to change the shape of your jaw.

  • Archwire

    A metal wire which is attached to your brackets to move your teeth.

  • Fixed Retainer

    orthodontic parts

    Fixed retainers consist of a metal wire bonded to the back of the teeth. Fixed retainers can stay in place indefinitely.

  • Wax

    orthodontic parts

    A clear wax used to prevent your braces from irritating your lips or cheeks when your braces are first put on, or at other times.

  • Rubber Bands

    orthodontic parts

    During various phases of treatment, small elastics or rubber bands are used as a gentle but continuous force to help individual tooth movement or the aligning of jaws.

  • Forsus

    orthodontic parts

    The forsus is a fixed appliance that is used for dental asymmetry corrections when a higher force is needed. This appliances allows the patient to open and move the jaw freely.

  • Mouthguard

    orthodontic parts

    A device that is used to protect your mouth form injury when you are participating in sports. The use of a mouthguard is especially important for orthodontic patients, to prevent injuries.

  • Chain

    orthodontic parts

    A stretchable plastic chain used to hold archwires into brackets and to move teeth.

  • Herbst

    An appliance that is designed to correct bites and improve facial profiles.

  • Bands

    A metal ring that is usually placed on your teeth to hold on parts of your braces.

  • Bracket

    orthodontic parts

    Brackets are the small metal or ceramic modules attached to each tooth. They serve as guides to move the teeth and hold the archwire in place.

  • Buccal Tube

    orthodontic parts

    A small metal part that is welded on the outside of a molar band. The molar band contains slots to hold archwires, lip bumpers, facebows and other things your orthodontist uses to move your teeth.

  • Palatal Expander

    orthodontic parts

    A palatal expander, also known as a rapid palatal expander, rapid maxillary expansion appliance, palate expander or orthodontic expander, is used to widen the upper jaw so that the bottom and upper teeth will fit together better.

  • Elastics

    orthodontic parts

    Elastics or rubber bands for braces help move the upper and lower teeth relative to each other, ultimately achieving a better bite. The orthodontic rubber bands are typically effective for correcting overbites, underbites, or other types of alignments of the jaw. They are also useful for moving a tooth out of alignment or to close a space in the mouth.

  • Ligating Module

    orthodontic parts

    A small plastic piece, shaped like a donut, which is used to hold the archwires in the brackets on your teeth.

  • Removable Retainer

    orthodontic parts

    A gadget that the orthodontist gives you to wear after your braces are removed. The retainer attaches to your upper and / or lower teeth and holds them in the correct position while your jaw hardens and your teeth get strongly attached to your jaw. At first, you wear the retainer 24 hours a day, and then only at night.

  • Ligation

    orthodontic parts

    A process where an archwire is attached to the brackets on your teeth

  • Lip Bumper

    orthodontic parts
    A lip bumper is used to push the molars on your lower jaw back to create more space for other teeth. The lip bumper consists of an archwire that is attached to a molded piece of plastic. You mound the archwire in the buccal tubes on your lower jaw, the plastic piece rests against your lips. When you eat or talk, you push the plastic piece back, which, in turn, pushes your molars back.

  • Separators

    orthodontic parts

    Separators are tiny rubber bands or springs that your orthodontist places between your back teeth. These separators prepare your mouth for braces by creating a small gap between these teeth. This space allows for the placement of a metal band around your molar, which anchors your braces in your mouth.

  • Mara

    orthodontic parts

    A Mara is a fixed appliance consisting of metal caps and small, hook-like devices. The hooks impact during the bite to drive the lower jaw forward retraining the bite and correcting a Class II problem.

  • Bionator

    orthodontic parts

    A Bionator is a removable appliance utilized to correct a bite in which the lower teeth are recessed compared to the upper teeth, a Class II malocclusion. The normal biting motion impacts on the acrylic, shifting the lower jaw forward.